The Department of Political Science is divided into a number of subfields, each consisting of staff members with expertise in the specific subject area. The subfields constitute the framework of the department's overall activities, coordinating the teaching, staff affairs and general research strategies.

International Relations

Head of section: Rasmus Brun Pedersen

Public Administration and Leadership

Head of Section: Anne Mette Kjeldsen

Head of Section: Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen

Comparative politics

Head of section: Gert Tinggaard Svendsen

Political Behaviour and Institutions

Head of section: Rune Slothuus

Political Theory

Head of section: Tore Vincent Olsen


Head of section: Lasse Lindekilde

Methods (teaching section)

Head of section: Helene Helboe Pedersen

Pol Intro (teaching section)

Head of section: Rasmus Brun Pedersen

Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy

Centre director: Carter Bloch