- You will never get bored on political science

“I have always been interested in how our society works and how we can improve the world around us. Political science seemed like an obvious choice, though I have previously ‘flirted’ with the thought of studying psychology. But I opted for political science in the end, and I have been very happy with my choice.

The degree programme has contained a variety of exciting academic challenges – you will never get bored on political science. One of the best features of this degree programme is that you get a very broad knowledge of different academic subject areas, providing you with a holistic view of society and insight into how it all works. We have studied a wide range of subjects; everything from public administration to sociology and economics, and it has enabled us to adopt a broad and critical perspective in relation to a large number of societal issues. I think it is great that as a student of political science, I will be qualified to work within a variety of different fields and not be tied to one particular type of job. It is my impression that students of political science can be found in many different positions in the public as well as private sector and generally have good job opportunities in as well as outside Denmark.

On top of this, social life on the Bachelor’s degree programme in political science has been amazing, and the opportunities for participating in student clubs and associations on political science are great. People are very open, and in general, I feel that there is room for everyone here.

I would very much like to recommend the degree programme in political science, which is why I will be continuing my studies on the Master’s degree programme in political science. This programme offers a lot of exciting experiences as well, allowing me to combine my education with both an internship and studies abroad in Paris.”

Pernille Lundby Dokkedal, BSc in Political Science