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Download the programme for Thursday 12 October and Friday 13 October here (Updated 10 October)

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                                             Conference on Discrimination  
 CEPDISC'23 Programme Wednesday 11th October
14:00 Checking in
LOCATION Reception
19:00-22:00 Tapas dinner
LOCATION Main dinning area


                                             CEPDISC'23 Conference on Discrimination  
 Programme Thursday 12th October
LOCATION Moesgaard 3
  Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen 
09:40-10:40 KEYNOTE 
LOCATION Moesgaard 3
Susan Fiske
Varieties of Discrimination
Chair: Maryana Balezina
11-12:15 PANEL SESSIONs:
  Medical care and Disease Reactions Discrimination Political candidates
LOCATION Moesgaard 1 Moesgaard 2 Moesgaard 3
11:00-11:25 1 2 3
  Lydia Tsiakiri
Does personal responsibility for one’s state of affairs affect our perception of what discrimination is?
Merlin Schaeffer, Krzyszstof Krakowski & Asmus Leth Olsen 
Correcting Misperceptions about Ethnic Discrimination: The Limits of Awareness Raising to Promote Support for Equal Treatment Policies
Nazita Lajevardi & Randy Besco, Sergio Garcia-Rios, Julius Lagodny, Kassra Oskooii & Erin Tolley 
Neighboring Identities and Political Attacks
Chair: Brian O'Shea Chair: Andreas Bengtson Chair: Nicholas Haas
11:25-11:50 4 8 6
  Adam Peresman, Micael Canavan & Honorata Mazepus
Just What The Doctor Ordered: When Pro-Trans Parents are Willing to Accept Anti-Transition Medical Care for their Children
Johanna Gereke, Joshua Hellyer, Yavar Fadavi Asghari & Nan Zhang 
Religion, Religiosity and Perceived Trustworthiness: Experimental Evidence from a Vignette Study in Germany
Asbjørn Lindholm & Christian Hjorth
The Face of Politics: Utilizing Convoluted Neural Networks to Unveil the Influence of Facial Traits on Electoral Success
Chair: Lydia Tsiakiri Chair: Merlin Schaeffer Chair: Nazita Lajevardi
11:50-12:15 7 5 9
  Brian O'Shea, Randy Thornhill & Lotte Thomsen
Parasite stress does relate to social dominance orientation across societies: The crucial role of group status
Andreas Bengtson
Negative and Positive Affirmative Action
Nicholas Haas  & Claire Gothreau
Does Candidate BMI Predict Real-World Election Outcomes?
Chair: Adam Peresman Chair: Johanna Gereke Chair: Asbjørn Lindholm
12:15-13:45  LUNCH BUFFET
LOCATION Main dinning area
13:45-15:00 PANEL SESSIONs:
  Objects of Discrimination Discrimination and Justice Discrimination in the Labor Market I
LOCATION Moesgaard 1 Moesgaard 2 Moesgaard 3
13.45-14.10 10 11 12
  Simone Sommer Degn & Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
Perpetrators and Victims of Discrimination: In Defense of Conceptual Symmetry
Stella Gonzalez-Arnal & Martha Zapata Galindo
Human Rights, Intersectionality and Discrimination
Mariña Fernández Reino & Mathew J. Creighton
Who is the majority group? Signaling majority group membership in audit studies conducted in multilingual contexts
  Chair: Naftali Weinberger Chair: Jannik Zeiser Chair: Eva Zschirnt
14:10-14:35 13 14 15
  Marion Godman & Jens Tyssedal
On being a target of discrimination
Désirée Lim
Duties of trust, discrimination, and justice
Lex Thijssen
Is there a Christian penalty in secular hiring contexts? Evidence from a field experiment in the Netherlands
  Chair: Simone Sommer Degn Chair: Stella Gonzalez-Arnal Chair: Mariña Fernández Reino
14:35-15:00 16 17 18
  Naftali Weinberger
Are anti-black and anti-white discrimination causally on a par?
Jannik Zeiser
Is Emergent Discrimination Actually Discrimination?
Eva Zschirnt Didier Ruedin
Ethnic and racial discrimination in hiring decisions – A new meta-analysis of approx. 200 correspondence tests in the labour market
  Chair: Marion Godman Chair: Désirée Lim Chair: Lecx Thijssen
15:20-16:35 PANEL SESSIONs:
  Moral Wrongs What is Discrimination? Measuring Discrimination/Racism
LOCATION Moesgaard 1 Moesgaard 2 Moesgaard 3
15:20-15:45 19 20 21
  Nada Temelkov & Valentina Di Stasio
What counts as discrimination? A study on the assessment of formal complaints at a Dutch anti-discrimination centre
Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe
The Long Arc Toward Justice: Has Racism Declined, or Not?
  Chair: Dean McHugh Chair: Julian Schüssler
15:45-16:10 22 23 24
  Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
Are stereotypers wronged when stereotyped? On personal, doxastic wrongs and structural, doxastic injustice
Morgan Thompson
What are subjective measures of discrimination good for?
  Chair: Valentina Di Stasio Chair: Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe
16:10-16:35 25 26 27
  Dean McHugh
A new test for discrimination: the existential but-for test
Julian Schüssler
Can we estimate teacher grading bias using standardized tests?
  Chair: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen Chair: Morgan Thompson
16:35-16:45 SHORT BREAK  
16:45-17:45 KEYNOTE 
LOCATION Moesgaard 3
Douglas Massey 
The Changing Nature of Discrimination in the United States
Chair: Kim Mannemar Sønderskov
17:45-19:00 POSTER SESSION with snacks and drinks
LOCATION Moesgaard 1

(1) Anna Milioni
Methodological nationalism and discriminatory migration policies

(2) Kim Mannemar Sønderskov, Markus Kollberg & Peter Thisted Dinesen
Persuasion or Polarization? Understanding the Effects of Rhetorical References to Identity Politics                                           

(3) Susanne Veit, Valentina Di Stasio, Ruta Yemane & Elli Zey
Not competent enough, too cold or rather too conservative?  Stereotype content and ethnic hierarchies in hiring discrimination

(4) Ida Nørregaard
How (not) to Mitigate the Acceptance of Illegal Discrimination

(5) René Bünnagel
On Discrimination against Persons with a Criminal Record and Formerly Criminal Record in the Job Market
(6) Tabitha Bonilla
How source cues shape evaluations of group-based derogatory political messages

(7) Rikke Rikke Haudrum Rasmussen & Mikkel Haderup Larsen

Conjoint Experiment on Lifestyle Distinction 

19:00-22:00 DINNER
LOCATION Main dinning area


                                             CEPDISC'23 Conference on Discrimination  
Programme Friday 13 October
07:30-08:15 Guided walk through Aarhus C with volunteers from ReThinker Aarhus please sign up by sending an email to cepdisc@ps.au.dk, subject "walk"                                                            
9:00-10:15 PANEL SESSIONs: 
  Experimental-Philosophy Moral Wrongs Discrimination in the Labor Market II
LOCATION  Moesgaard 1 Moesgaard 2 Moesgaard 3
09:00-09:25 28 29 30
  Mara Floris & Federico Cella & Camilla Borgna
“Who’s the surgeon?” Professions, Gender Stereotypes, and Gender-fair Language in Italian Speakers
Shalom Chalson
Discrimination’s Discontents
Kaja Warnke, Valentina Di Stasio and Marcel Lubbers
Discrimination attributions  in the workplace – a scoping review  of causes and correlates
  Chair: Mathias Kruse Chair: Søren Flinch Midtgaard Chair: Huyen Nguyen
09:25-09:50  31 32 33
  Viki Pedersen & Bjørn Hallson
Objective Social Meaning vs. Deliberative Failure: An Experimental-Philosophical Analysis
Hugo Cossette-Lefebvre
Can Unequal Results Amount to Differential Treatment? Relational Egalitarianism and Indirect Discrimination.
Diana Roxana Galos
Political bias in hiring: experimental evidence on discrimination based on partisan cues
  Chair: Mara Floris Chair: Shalom Chalson Chair: Kaja Warnke
09:50-10:15 34 35 36
  Mathias Kruse & Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
Race or Racial Proxies? What Racial Discrimination Is (Not)
Søren Flinch Midtgaard
Paternalistic Racism
Huyen Nguyen & Frank van Tubergen
Gender Differences in Self-presentation Strategies: A Vignette Survey Experiment in Human vs. AI Recruitment Processes
  Chair: Viki Pedersen Chair: Hugo Cossette-Lefebvre Chair: Diana Roxana Galos
10:15-10:30 SHORT BREAK
10:30-11:45 PANEL SESSIONs: 
  Mitigating Discrimination Voters and Politics Reactions to discriminations
LOCATION  Moesgaard 1 Moesgaard 2 Moesgaard 3
10:30-10:55 37 38 39
  Amanda Friesen, Jordan Mansell & Mathieu Turgeon
Investigating Emotion Regulation as a Cause of and Mitigation Strategy for Prejudice
Caroline Adolfsson
Face-off: Group essentialism within facial appraisals
Samera Bartsch & Sophia Alders
Responses to discrimination across different dimensions of discrimination
  Chair: Marica Miglio Chair: Lasse Laustsen Chair: Gülden Alaz Meriç
10:55-11:20 40 41 42
  Marica Miglio, Camilla Borgna &Effrosyni Charitopoulou
Online hate speech, prejudice, and discriminatory intentions among adolescents: a randomised controlled trial
Jens Peter Thomsen
A Novel Politics-Centered Model of Intergroup Contact. A Constructive Review
Henning Finseraas, Helga M. Binningsbø & Karin Dyrstad
Does truth and reconciliation commissions affect views on discriminated minorities? The case of Norway
Chair: Amada Friesen Chair: Odelia Oshri Chair: Samara Bartsch
11:20-11:45 43 44 45
  Lasse Laustsen & Claire Gothreau
Do Citizens Discriminate Against Women Political Leaders? Evidence From a 20-Country Conjoint Study
Gülden Alaz Meriç
On The Nature of Stereotypes
  Chair: Jens Peter Thomsen Chair: Henning Finseraas
11:45-13:00 LUNCH BUFFET
13:00-14:15 PANEL SESSIONs Friday: 
  Disability and health care Ethnic/racial discrimination Discrimination thoughout the life course
LOCATION  Moesgaard 1 Moesgaard 2 Moesgaard 3
13:00-13:25 46 47 48
  Miranda Boldrini
Disability, Autonomy and Definitions: Between Discrimination and Emancipation
Claudia Diehl & Sabine Trittler
Visibility, education and perceived discrimination 
Sebastian Teigen Nygård & Dennis Christensen
Ethnic differences in children’s sports participation; causal evidence of discrimination in Norway
  Chair: Re'em Segev Chair: Abel Ghekiere Chair: Mads Meiner Jæger
13:25-13:50 49 50 51
  Andreas Albertsen,  Bjørn Gunnar Hallsson & Lasse Nielsen
The Moral Justifications of Disability Discrimination in Health Care
Abel Ghekiere, Valentina Di Stasio & Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe
Institutionalized disparities: the importance of market intermediaries in unequal access to housing
Mads Meier Jæger
How Do Lifestyles Create Distinction? An Experimental Approach
  Chair: Miranda Boldrini Chair: Claudia Diehl Chair: Dennis Christensen
14:30-15:30 KEYNOTE 
LOCATION  Moesgaard 3
Jules Holroyd 
Implicit Bias and Intersectionality
Chair: Marion Godman