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Introduktion af Claire Gothreau

Ny postdoc ved CEPDISC

Claire Gothreau recently joined CEPDISC as a postdoc. Claire did her PhD in political science at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Before coming to CEPDISC she was a Research Associate at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. Her research interests are political psychology, gender, experimental methods, and psychophysiology. Claire’s work is motivated by a desire to understand how seemingly non-political features of society and culture have profound political impacts and often perpetuate inequalities.  

At CEPDISC, Claire will by studying perceptions of women political candidates. More specifically, she is interested in whether voters discriminate against women candidates and the context in which this discrimination may or may not be activated. In the same line of research, she will investigate the content of gender stereotypes across different countries. Claire is also interested in how sexism and gender-based marginalization impact political behavior and attitudes. This line of research asks the question, “Can personally experienced gender discrimination motivate political engagement?” She will mainly rely on experimental and survey-based methods to answer these questions.