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Introduktion af Andreas Bengtson

Andreas Bengtson is a new postdoc at CEPDISC. Andreas did his PhD in political science at Aarhus University. Recently, he has been a DFF-International Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He will finish his DFF-project at CEPDISC before starting as a CEPDISC postdoc in March 2023. Andreas does research within political philosophy, mostly in democratic theory and discussions of justice.  

At CEPDISC, Andreas will be working on what makes discrimination wrongful, when it is. In particular, he will be focusing on whether the wrongness of discrimination can be captured by a relational egalitarian view according to which discrimination is wrong when and because it causes, constitutes and/or expresses unequal relations. As part of this, he will investigate what, if anything, a relational egalitarian view has to say about self-discrimination, i.e., instances in which people discriminate against themselves. If you want to know more about his research, you can visit his website: www.andreasbengtson.com