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Didde Boisen Andersen Modtager Society for Applied Philosophys short-term forskningsbevilling for 2022

til at lave forskning inden for autonomi og diskrimination.

Congratulations to Didde Boisen Andersen for being awarded a Society of Applied Philosophy (SAP) Short-term Postdoctoral Research Grant 2021!

Didde will be working on a project about autonomy and appearance discrimination. Specifically, she will be looking into whether it seems just to discriminate on the basis of appearance features that people have themselves voluntary chosen, that is, features the person could in fact have avoided.

The Short-term Postdoctoral Research Grant is offered to selected postdoctoral researchers who have not yet found a full-time teaching or research position. The goal is to support interesting work in applied philosophy. You can read more about the grant at SAP's website