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Claire Gothreau and Nicholas Hass wins the TESS Special Competition on Replications

CEPDISC members Claire Gothreau and Nicholas Haas won the Time-sharing in the Experimental Social Science (TESS) Special Competition on Replications.

They will be using this award to replicate and extend on the Willer et al. (2013) paper, "Overdoing Gender: A Test of the Masculine Overcompensation Thesis." The original paper uses a survey experiment to test whether masculinity threat impacts political attitudes. Masculinity threat refers to the theory that manhood is a status that is earned, maintained, and defended when it is challenged. The original authors find that exposure to gender identity threat, for men, resulted in the expression of more homophobic attitudes and more support for war. Gothreau and Haas will replicate this survey experiment with the nationally representative TESS panel and build on Willer et al.'s findings with additional treatments and updated outcome measures.