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Discrimination is not only a hugely important real-life issue. It is also a theoretically important and sophisticated field of research. This conference is the fourth in an annual series of international conferences on discrimination. The conference series explores discrimination in general and discrimination from the perspective of social psychology and philosophy in particular.

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onsdag 18. september 2024, kl. 14:30 - fredag 20. september 2024, kl. 16:00


Comwell Aarhus



Our aim with the conference series is to facilitate the emergence of a large international research community that explores discrimination using the combination of two of the most powerful approaches in the academic toolbox: The philosophical analysis of concepts and the experimental analysis of data. We welcome all who are interested in either of these approaches and, in particular, who are curious and enthusiastic about their combination. Presentations that specifically explore this combination are particularly welcome at CEPDISC'24 but the conference is also very much are open to a broader range of presentations on discrimination, e.g., to papers on discrimination employing the methods of legal theory or sociology.