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CEPDISC SEMINAR with Lasse Nielsen

"Sufficientarianism and Discrimination"

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mandag 6. marts 2023, kl. 14:00 - tirsdag 7. marts 2023, kl. 15:30



Speaker Lasse Nielsen, Associate Professor, Institut for Medier, Design, Læring og Erkendelse, and Center for Philosophy of Health, University of Southern Denmark  

Title: "Sufficientarianism and Discrimination"

This paper investigates how sufficientarianism can contribute to our understand of and theorizing about wrongful discrimination. Traditionally, cases involving discrimination have posed a problem for sufficientarianism, because discrimination arguably can occur at all (even very high) levels of welfare. Sufficientarians have dealt with the discrimination problem in different ways. Some sufficientarian theories have followed an externalization strategy by arguing that moral considerations beyond sufficiency itself explains why discrimination is unjust. Others internalize the problem and argues that sufficientarianism can by itself explain (at least in part) when and why discrimination is unjust. The internalization strategy thus implicitly holds promise for a sufficientarian theory of wrongful discrimination. This paper unpacks this theory and discusses its contribution to our understanding of when discrimination is unjust.