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Outreach 2023

Andreas Brøgger Albertsen debates automatic organ donation on DR Deadline. The programme was brought by DR2, 30 January 2023: https://www.dr.dk/drtv/episode/deadline_-skal-vi-have-automatisk-organdonation_365633 (link inactive after 31.12.2023). The programme is in Danish.

Andreas Brøgger Albertsen, a social researcher at Aarhus University, challenges the Danish Ethical Council's claims regarding a new organ donation model. The proposed model would shift from an opt-in to an opt-out system, known as presumed consent, where individuals are automatically considered donors unless they actively opt out.

The Ethical Council opposes the model and refers to a 2021 report from the Danish Center for Organ Donation, which argues that there is no clear evidence that presumed consent increases the number of donors. Albertsen, who criticizes this report, points out that it is methodologically flawed and does not consider all relevant studies. He believes that the report's narrow focus on legal changes, rather than broader factors such as increased public awareness, limits its findings. Albertsen argues that although proving the exact effect is difficult, the new system is likely to benefit the number of donors. The article was brought by Weekendavisen, 5 February 2023: https://www.weekendavisen.dk/2023-5/ideer/hjerter-i-underskud. The article is in Danish.

Andreas Brøgger Albertsen is holding a virtual discussion with Zetland about organ donation. The virtual discussion was held in collaboration with Zetland, 14 Marts 2023: https://www.zetland.dk/historie/sO0Vrjly-aO0VARz6-e22f5. The virtual conversation is in Danish.

Lau Lilleholt Harpviken talks about lies and why everyone lies sometimes. He argues that we lie when it is beneficial – whether it is beneficial is determined based on six major factors, including the potential benefits one might gain or the drawbacks one can avoid, the likelihood of getting caught, and three additional psychological factors. Additionally, research shows that individuals with antisocial personality traits typically lie more about things that benefit themselves, while the opposite is true for individuals with prosocial personality traits. The podcast was brought by Radio4, 20 April 2023 (feature begins at 10min10sec): https://radio4.dk/podcasts/missionen/vi-lyver. The podcast is in Danish.

Andreas Brøgger Albertsen discusses on P3: Påstand mod Påstand whether everything can be bought with money. The podcast was brought by P3, 17 May 2023: https://www.dr.dk/lyd/p3/pastand-mod-pastand/pastand-mod-pastand-2023-05-15. The podcast is in Danish.

Lau Lilleholt Harpviken argues against the prejudice that people from poor countries lie more than others. According to Lau Lilleholt Harpviken, this is not true based on a large Danish research project that shows all people lie. The article was brought by Politiken, 5 June 2023 (behind payment wall): https://politiken-dk.ez.statsbiblioteket.dk/danmark/oekonomi/art9371459/Mange-tror-at-folk-i-fattige-lande-er-mere-uærlige.-Det-passer-ikke . The article is in Danish.