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Workplace heating and gender discrimination

New publication by Andreas Albertsen and Viki Lyngby Møller Pedersen in Bioethics


Volume38, Issue2, February 2024, Pages 107-113

Does the thermostat discriminate in your office? Of course not, you think. While scuttling under a woolen blanket🥶

But maybe it's a form of discrimination when temperatures are lowered in general, as we saw last winter? That's Viki Møller Lyngby Pedersen argues and I get in a new article in Bioethics. Because it affects women far more than men.

It worsens a starting point where the temperature is better suited for men than for women. In fact, when calculating the correct temperature in an office building, you use a formula where the heat demand is what suits a man of forty.

We review a number of theories about what discrimination is and what makes discrimination wrong - and argue that the politicians who lower the temperature in office buildings are, according to these, a form of problematic discrimination.

The article can be accessed free of charge.