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Should Citizens and Denizens Relate as Equals? Relational egalitarianism, differential rights, and discrimination

On the March 24 Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen is invited to give a keynote during the international workshop "Justice for Denizens: Exploring the Normative Grounds of Rights-Differentiation". The workshop is orgnaized by The Justice and Migration research group at RIPPLE, KU Leuven.

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"The workshop will study the politically salient, yet normatively undertheorized, widespread practice of granting denizens (i.e., ‘non-citizen residents’, ‘resident aliens’) fewer/different political, social-economic, and cultural rights than citizens. How should we theorize practices of legal rights-differentiation? What is the appropriate moral framework for making sense of diverging legal entitlements between citizens and denizens? By reflecting on the concept and possible normative grounds of rights-differentiation, the workshop aims to make real progress on the question of whether priority for citizens in terms of political, socio-economic, and language rights is ever morally justified." 

You can read more about the workshop and see the programme on the workshops homepage: Justice for Denizens: Exploring the Normative Grounds of Rights-Differentiation – Justice for Denizens (kuleuven.be)