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Introduction of Lau Lilleholt

New Postdoc

Picture of Lau Lilleholt

Lau Lilleholt recently joined CEPDISC as a postdoc. Lau did his Ph.D. in Psychology at the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. His primary research interests are behavioral ethics, judgment and decision-making, behavioral economics, and personality.

At CEPDISC he will be studying the psychological mechanisms underlying direct discrimination. In particular, drawing on insights from Social Dominance Theory, evolutionary psychology, personality research, behavioral economics and decision sciences his work will seek to explain when and why people discriminate against subordinate groups. Investigating these questions, he will rely on a mixture of experimental and survey-based methods.

Next to CEPDISC, he is also affiliated with the Center for Social Data Science (SODAS) as well as the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, where he study the nature of human morality and aim to broaden our understanding of what drive people to act (un)ethically as well as how interindividual differences in personality are related to people´s willingness to engage in dishonest, fraudulent and immoral behaviors.