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2014.05.27 | Research news

Tackling the myths about increased legislation in Denmark

It is a myth that Danish politicians establish hundreds of new laws every year. So say two researchers from Aarhus University, who have systematically reviewed all laws and ministerial orders from 1989 to 2011. And even though we are seeing a significant increase in the number of laws as well as the number of words used to describe the content of…

2014.05.20 | Research news

The EU is a nerdy club for the political elite

The debate in and about the EU is so heavy and elitist that the citizens are unable to keep up. It is the Danish politicians’ responsibility to make the EU comprehensible to the citizens, says Gitte Sommer Harrits, who is associate professor and former recipient of the so-called democracy baton.

2014.05.13 | Research news

Grant to fund project on targeted killings

Postdoc Bruno Oliveira Martins has received a grant of DKK 400.000 from the Carlsberg Foundation. The grant will fund the project ”Targeted Killings”.

2014.05.15 | Research news

Denmark and Switzerland can learn a lot from each other

Denmark and Switzerland are a lot alike when it comes to the citizens’ prosperity and happiness. In a new book about the good society, professor Peter Nannestad and four of his colleagues have taken on the challenge of comparing the two nations.

For more than ten years, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen has worked with the concept of discrimination.

2014.05.06 | Research news

Researcher: We discriminate against the poor

For more than nine years, professor Kasper Lippert Rasmussen has done research on discrimination. In his doctoral dissertation he delves into a discussion of the concept and emphasises that in many ways Danish society discriminates against the most disadvantaged people.

2014.04.11 | Research news

Additional language lessons improve children’s reading skills

By giving school children up to four additional hours of Danish lessons every week for 16 weeks, we improve their reading skills to an extent that amounts to six months of schooling in addition to what other pupils achieve in that period of time.

2014.03.31 | Research news

Social workers have become the moral agents of the state

Social workers in the job centres have gone from being the citizens’ advocates to being agents of the state. New research shows that many social workers are positive towards this new role that they have been given.

In a new book, Kees van Kersbergen and Barbara Vis examine the development of the welfare state.

2014.02.27 | Research news

Politicians’ major achievements are not acknowledged by the public

Together with a colleague professor Kees van Kersbergen has written a new book that places emphasis on the development, possibilities and limitations of the welfare state.

2014.05.13 | Research news

[Translate to English:] Straffedomstolen under lup

[Translate to English:] Den Internationale Straffedomstols muligheder for at påvirke fredsprocesser afhænger af, hvordan og hvor dybt domstolen er involveret, samt hvornår i processen det sker. Det viser ny forskning fra Aarhus Universitet.

2014.02.13 | Research news

Dictators provide citizens with ballots

New research at Aarhus University's School of Business and Social Sciences shows that 80 percent of the world’s dictatorships hold elections. But there is still a long way to the democratic standards that we are used to in the Western world. The question is why these elections are held – and what are the consequences.

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