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2015.06.04 | Research news

Political affiliation overrides ethnic differences

New research shows that people non-consciously categorise others by their political affiliation and tend to disregard race and ethnicity — but not age or gender.

We tend to prefer dominant-looking leaders, but don’t generally prefer people who appear dominant. In fact, when we go searching for friends, we look for something quite different. Photo:

2015.02.10 | Research news

Does a competent leader make a good friend?

New research shows that when we elect leaders and politicians we tend to prefer dominant-looking, masculine men, but when we are looking to make new friends we seek the opposite.

2015.01.07 | Research news

Conflict and democratisation in the 21st century

How can one promote democratisation without also increasing the risk of violent conflicts? A group of researchers from Aarhus University will work together with international colleagues and practitioners to find the answer to this question.

2014.11.24 | Research news

Denmark’s ‘ghetto list’ does not help national progress on social inclusion

New report focuses on what life is like in Trigeparken. Is it really that bad?

2017.11.23 | Research news

[Translate to English:] Hvem vælger vi? Betydningen af politikeres udseende, stemmeleje og personlighed

[Translate to English:] Når vælgerne placerer deres kryds i stemmeboksen påvirkes de ikke blot af kandidaternes budskaber. Ny forskning viser, at kandidaternes udseende, stemmelejer og personligheder også påvirker, hvem vælgerne vurderer som bedst egnede til at løse forskellige politiske problemer og derfor stemmer på.

2014.09.02 | Research news

Danes supported the freedom of expression during the cartoon crisis

Contrary to expectations, during the Mohammed cartoon crisis Danish citizens provided a solid wall of support for the Muslim minority’s freedom of expression. These are the results of a new study conducted by researchers from Aarhus University.

2014.09.01 | Research news

Dedicated managers can impact and improve youth education

A group of researchers have thoroughly examined Danish youth education, and the results of the study are presented in a new book that was published this week. The results suggest that the management style at a given institution is decisive for the teachers’ motivation. But a lot of managers need to learn to exploit the potential in this.

2014.08.25 | Research news

University management in the process of change

Universities have come to play an increasingly important role for the Danish welfare system and for Denmark’s competitiveness in the global knowledge-based economy. Major reforms and reorganisations have been means towards strengthening the institutions under these new competitive conditions – but what are the consequences?

How political parties influence the citizens’ political opinions. Photo:

2014.06.18 | Research news

Rune Slothuus awarded the Sapere Aude grant

Professor Rune Slothuus from the Department of Political Science and Government has received DKK 7,050,249 from the career programme Sapere Aude. The grant is earmarked for a project aimed at examining how political parties influence the citizens’ political opinions.

2014.06.11 | Research news

Research confirms: SF was a light version of the Social Democratic Party

New research from Aarhus University confirms that the Socialist People’s Party sacrificed their own politics to be in government.

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