Fabio Wolkenstein receives The Aarhus BSS Research Award

Fabio Wolkenstein receives the faculty's Research Award for his “exceptionally extensive and impressive research production”.

Per Baltzer Overgaard and Fabio Wolkenstein
This year's Research Award went to Fabio Wolkenstein. Vice-Dean for Research and Talent Per Baltzer Overgaard handed him the award. Photo: Sinne Jakobsen.

Fabio Wolkenstein receives this year’s Research Award for his “exceptionally extensive and impressive research production” with 15 articles in international, peer-reviewed journals. 

The nomination highlights Fabio’s ability to define “abstract political-theoretical theory in more specific studies of, for example, electoral systems, (transnational) parties and their role in democracy, the EU's political legitimacy, and populism”.  Fabio is described both academically and socially as “a great asset in the section for political theory” and is praised for his active involvement in the research applications submitted by the department. Congratulations Fabio!

Facts about the research award: The award is presented to junior employees who have exhibited exceptional creativity and productivity in their research. The employee is expected to spend the DKK 50,000 award on continuously strengthening his or her research. For example, by spending time at another internationally recognised research institution. Candidates for the award are nominated by the heads of department.

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