Tobias Rehoff Hyldahl receives travel grant from the Queen

Master’s degree student in political science Tobias Rehoff Hyldahl receives HM Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant.

Tobias Rehoff Hyldahl Photo: Lars Kruse

Tobias Rehoff Hyldahl will use the HM Queen Margrethe II Travel Grant to help fund his study abroad at the University of California, Berkeley. UC Berkeley is home to some of the world’s leading political science researchers, and he hopes to draw on their knowledge before he returns to Aarhus to write his Master’s thesis.

Tobias Rehoff Hyldahl is interested in political behaviour and comparative politics and has previously written major assignments on how anger affects the formation of voters’ political opinions, and how hateful social media users become more extreme when they are censored and moved to alternative platforms.

Tobias Rehoff Hyldahl has worked as a student assistant on two research projects and as a student instructor on the General Political Science and Methods programmes. He has also volunteered as a coach at Politiken’s school for criticism and debate.

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