2019.09.02 | Research news

Framing affects our attitudes

A new study from the department explores how interest groups frame their messages in the media. This may help us understand how our perception of topics such as state education grants or the teachers’ working hours is affected by the words and frames used by the groups. Ultimately, this may allow us to make more informed decisions.

Photo: Aarhus University

2019.08.30 | Grants

The EU finances new project on responsible research and innovation

A new research project funded by the EU aims at promoting Responsible Research and Innovation and open science practices in research institutions within biosciences. The goal is to involve various stakeholders in society in the research so that research and future technologies are in accordance with the values and needs of society.

Stine Toft. Photo: Private

2019.08.16 | Education news

First Public Policy graduate from Aarhus BSS

In autumn 2014, the first group of students enrolled on the interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree programme in Public Policy. Stine Toft is the first graduate from the programme and is now working in the Economic Council of the Labour Movement (Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd).

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2019.08.05 | New Books

The Reshaping of West European Party Politics

In his new book, Professor Christoffer Green-Pedersen presents a new model of issue competition among political parties based on a new coding of party manifestos.

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2019.08.12 | Research news

Female researchers are cited just as much as their male colleagues

Several studies have concluded that male researchers are cited more than their female counterparts. However, researchers from the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy have dug deeper and conclude that there is no meaningful difference between the genders. According to the researchers behind the study, this conclusion should be…

2019.07.01 | New Books

US Foreign Policy Towards Russia in the Post-Cold War Era

Mind-sets from the Cold War have continued to influence US foreign policy with detrimental consequences for US–Russia relations, argues David Parker in his new book. He concludes by demonstrating how tension and mistrust have continued to grow during the Trump administration and considers the future for US–Russian relations.

Photo: Private

2019.06.28 | Awards

Talented researcher receives European PhD award

Assistant Professor Kristina Bakkær Simonsen wins dissertation award for her PhD dissertation on immigrants and integration.

Peter Munk Christiansen, professor and head of the Department of Political Science. Photo: Aarhus University

2019.06.27 | Reseach policy

Danish research policy recommendations are out internationally

Research grants are getting larger and larger. However, the granting foundations should keep the amounts down. This is the recommendation voiced by head of department Peter Munk Christiansen among others in Nature Human Behaviour.

2019.05.14 | Podcast

New podcast on evolution and voters' behaviour

The logic of the primitive man is deeply stored in our brains. Also when it comes to politics. Hear what significance human evolution has in the polling booth. Professor Michael Bang Petersen and Associate professor Lasse Laustsen explain in this podcast episode (only available in Danish).

Photo: Colourbox

2019.05.14 | Grants

Five IRFD grants for the Department of Political Science

Five researchers from the department receive a total of DKK 43 million from the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

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