Mission Leadership

Leadership and management in societally oriented research centers


The objective of this project is to examine how research centers can be most effective in achieving societal goals, with particular focus on the role of leadership and management. The focal point of the project is the Center for Childhood Health, where the project will seek to generate new knowledge that both contributes to relevant research areas and informs the Center’s activities.

The project will both examine the Center’s activities in comparison with a small group of other mission-oriented centers. These other centers will be selected to resemble the Center for Childhood Health in terms of subject, area, stakeholders, activities and a focus on both research and implementation of new practices. Comparisons of experiences and outcomes can inform decision making at the Center for Childhood Health. 

 The research project is funded by the Center for Childhood Health and will run from March 1, 2024 to February 29, 2029.