The project’s vision is to tackle a double challenge:

  1. To bring RRI at the forefront of the debate for developing local and regional R&I capacities
  2. to address the limits and barriers of the process for developing regional innovation strategies with a particular emphasis on S3, using RRI as a springboard for public engagement, social innovation, openness to diversity and curiosity.

This will be done by developing a set of Transformative Experiments in 5 European selected territories - 4 regions and 1 municipality.

The key objectives are:

  • to introduce concrete and measurable changes in the R&I systems of the 5 above mentioned territories, so as to make them more inclusive;
  • to introduce concrete and measurable institutional changes in the territorial organisations involved in the project, so that RRI becomes an embedded element of their planning process;
  • to develop a better understanding of how RRI can be adapted at the territorial level
  • to contribute to the enhancement of the Smart Specialisation Strategy process through exploring synergies with RRI.

TeRRItoria involves 10 partner organisations and is coordinated by the South East European Research Centre.