Workshop on Discrimination in Dating

Info about event


Tuesday 5 September 2023, at 09:00 - Wednesday 6 September 2023, at 17:00


Faculty Club, building 1421



Format - presentations

Presentations will be 40 minutes including discussion, so we recommend that you present for only around 20 minutes to leave some time for questions and comments.

The workshop is organized by CEPDISC – Centre for the Experimental-Philosophical Study of Discrimination and run by Joona Räsänen, Simone Sommer Degn and Søren Flinch Midtgaard.

Day 1 (Tuesday 5th)

9.30-10.10: Appearance Discrimination in Personal Relationships

Andrew Mason, University of Warwick, UK

10.10-10.50: "I Date a Robot": Exploring Discrimination in Love and Sex with AI

Anastasiia Babash, University of Tartu, Estonia

10.50-11.05: Break

11.05-11.45: Racial Justice in Dating and Reproduction

Sonu Bedi, Dartmouth College, US

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-13.40: Sex Rights Are No Fuckin Rights

Ezio Di Nucci, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

13.40-14.20: Dis/ability, Gender, and Dating

Andrea García-Santesmases Fernández, National University at Distance, UNED, Spain

14.20-14.30: Break

14.30-15.10: (In)visible Sexual Experiences: Bodily Perceptions of Amputees

Ingrid Ruiz Terol, National University at Distance, UNED, Spain

15.10-15.30: Coffee/Tea

15.30-16.10: The Gamification of Dating Online

Karim Nader, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US


Day 2 (Wednesday 6th)

9.30-10.10: The Grim View of Online Dating – Rethinking Tinder

Joona Räsänen, University of Turku, Finland

10.10-10.50: Sexual Racism and the Ideal White Male Archetype

Jesús G Smith, Lawrence University, US

10.50-11.05: Break

11.05-11.45: Do We Have a Duty not to Discriminate When We Date?

Simone Sommer Degn & Søren Flinch Midtgaard, Aarhus University, Denmark

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-13.40: The Myth of Mere Preference

Thomas J. Spiegel, University of Potsdam, Germany

13.40-14.20: Private Discrimination and Marriage Markets

Bastian Steuwer, Ashoka University, India

14.20-14.30: Break

14.30-15.10: Sex vs Love: The Distinction and Its Relevance to the Ethics of Dating Preferences

Raja Halwani, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US

15.10-15.30: Coffee/Tea. Farewell.