PhD defence: Aske Horneman Kragh Cryer

“How do adolescents link social class to social status – and why is that important?” is the topic for Aske Horneman Kragh Cryer’s PhD defence.

Info about event


Friday 12 April 2024,  at 14:15 - 16:00


A1, building 1333, room 101

Aske Horneman Kragh Cryer
Aske Horneman Kragh Cryer Photo: Private

Aske Horneman Kragh Cryer defends his PhD thesis entitled “Keep Moving Forward: Class Differentials in Social Status from the Perspective of Adolescents.”

The event is open to everyone!
After the defence, the Department of Political Science hosts a reception.

Time and venue:
12.04.2024 2:15-4:00 pm
A1, building 1333, room 101

Assessment committee:
Professor Nanna Mik-Meyer, Copenhagen Business School

Assistant Professor Jonathan Mijs, Boston University

Associate Professor Morten Brænder, Aarhus University (Chair).