The main objective of the Gender, Citizenship and Academic Power (GAP) project is to study the impact of globalization and internationalization policies and practices on the gender balance in research and higher education. GAP will provide policy relevant knowledge about drivers for and barriers against gender balance in a context of internationalization and globalization in academia, thus contributing with knowledge that can prevent academic inbreeding and talent wasting.

The key question GAP will address is how globalization and internationalization influence gender equality in research and higher education organizations. The secondary objectives of GAP are to: i) study the recruitment and career patterns of foreign-born women and men in Norwegian research and higher education; ii) examine how changes in academic demography (in terms of gender and international recruitment) influence local research agendas and organizations, practices and power structures; iii) contribute to the research institutions' expertise and repertoire of measures to improve gender balance in a context of international recruitment by developing policy guidelines for the institutions in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.