INNO-Policy TrendChart - Innovation Policy in Europe

The "European TrendChart on Innovation" is the benchmarking instrument of the European Commission in the area of innovation policy.

The Danish Institute for Studies in Research and Research Policy is from 2005 the Danish participant in the TrendChart project.

Innovation policy is a priority for all Member States. Throughout the European Union, hundreds of policy measures and support schemes have been implemented in the past few years or are being drafted. Their diversity reflects the diversity of the underlying conditions, cultural preferences and political priorities in the Member States. Nevertheless, there is also a growing perception of innovation policy as a truly European task.

The European TrendChart on Innovation is an initiative of the European Commission, Enterprise & Industry Directorate General, Innovation Policy Development unit.

The project is supported by EU DG Enterprise.


Annual Innovation Policy Trends and Appraisal Report – Denmark 2005

Annual Innovation Policy Trends and Appraisal Report – Denmark 2006

Project participants:
Director Karen Siune 
Research Manager Ebbe Krogh Graversen
Research Assistant Sanne Haase