STAR BIOS 2 (Structural Transformation to Attain Responsible BIOSciences) aims at contributing to the advancement of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) strategy, which underpins Horizon 2020, by promoting 6 Action Plans (APs) oriented to attain a RRI structural change in research institutions from Europe and developing 3 further APs in non-European entities, all active in the field of biosciences.

This strategy is geared to cope more in general with one of the main risks for European research, i.e. its inadequate connection with society, by promoting its increasing alignment, in terms of both process and outcome, with the needs and values of European society. This entails an increasing involvement of stakeholders at all levels of the research and innovation process.

The project has three main objectives:

  1. to initiate RRI-oriented structural change processes in the already mentioned institutions involved in biosciences research. This aim will be pursued through designing, implementing and evaluating RRI Action Plans. In order to secure the results emerging from the APs, a sustainability strategy will be developed and implemented during the project lifespan. APs will be supported by a central technical assistance and the project will be monitored and assessed.
  2. to develop a learning process concerning:
    1. resistances and barriers to RRI (what are they, how they manifest themselves, which impact they have, etc.);
    2. key factors favouring or supporting RRI;
    3. strategic options and RRI-oriented tools.
  3. to develop a sustainable model for RRI in biosciences. 

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