Kortlægning af Forskningslitteratur til Eftersyn af Offentlige Lederuddannelser

Under the research theme ‘Leadership research and research in leadership education’ at CFA, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, DASHE, has awarded CFA a grant to map research based literature in the field. DASHE is funding three distinct although ‘familiar’ mappings of the most influential research based articles and other publications with the common aim to collect evidence on the meanings of various ways of organizing, developing, and organizing public leadership education and training.

The three mappings covers the themes:

1. Research in effects and ways to measure effects of public leadership education

2. Research into the importance of ways of exercising public leadership

3. Research on the importance of frameworks for the development and training of public leaders

The three mappings intends to develop easily accessible overviews of research-based evidence that is important for public management and education of public leaders, so that the Working Group of the Inspection, as well as all other public providers of leadership education, can base their work and development on as solid and timely a basis as possible. See also (link to Commissorium).

The project runs from January 2020 to July 2020.

Projektleder: Ebbe K. Graversen

Projektdeltagere: Carter, Christine, Allan, Simon, Andreas, Christinna, Caroline, Mads, Anne.