European RTD Evaluation Network

Evaluation of Research and Research Policy

CFA participates in the European RTD Evaluation Network (established in 1997 and coordinated by the European Commission) composed from EU member states, EU candidate countries and countries associated with the EU RTD Framework Programmes. The Network provides a forum for discussion and analysis of best practice in RTD evaluation methodology, use and development of RTD indicators and measurement of impact of research results. The Network is designed as a European focal point for issues related to RTD evaluation and research on evaluation.

The Network aims at enhancing dialogue and cooperation between national services (e.g. ministries, agencies) in charge of RTD evaluation issues, academics and experts in the field of evaluation as well as relevant European Commission Services. The Network puts a particular emphasis on strengthening the dialogue between producers and users of RTD evaluations and focusing on activities concerned with the impact of evaluation on decision makers, managers and the scientific community.

The Network aims to promote improvements in the demand and supply of RTD evaluation and provide information for the efficient use of RTD evaluation training opportunities. The work of the Network is focussed mainly but not exclusively on publicly funded RTD evaluation within a European context. The Network shall also take into account both experience and know-how from industry as well as from non-European countries and organisations. Finally, the Network aims to play an active role in constructing the European Research Area by helping to improve the quality and to strengthen the use of RTD evaluation.

Appointed evaluation expert: Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt, Dr. Fil.