The Evaluation Framework for Promoting Gender Equality in Research and Innovation project (EFFORTI) is initiated and funded in the context of the Horizon 2020 - Science with and for Society-programme by the European Commission. The project seeks to analyse and model the influence of measures to promote gender equality on research and innovation outcomes and on establishing more responsible and responsive RTDI (research, technology, development, innovation) systems. The project aims at providing:

  • Evidence for the interrelations between gender equality in RTDI and the quality of RTDI processes and outcomes.
  • A novel combination of gender equality and RTDI indicators by going beyond the state of the art in measuring gender equality and RTDI performances.
  • A thorough contextual analysis of evaluated measures and their outcomes and impacts on the system, organizational and team level. 

For this purpose, the EFFORTI project will:

  • Deepen knowledge on the scope, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of gender equality policies within RTDI systems.
  • Develop an evaluation framework, which enables policymakers, evaluators, science managers and gender equality-programme owners to conduct a sound analysis of the research and innovation outputs, outcomes and impacts of gender equality measures across Europe.
  • Test and validate the evaluation framework through 26 selected case studies in seven countries.
  • Develop the evaluation framework further, and design an evaluation toolbox to analyse a variety of gender equality-policy measures and assess their performance, taking into account the diversity in the national policies as well as the national and organizational contexts.
  • Derive general lessons for evidence based and thus smart policy making in the field of gender equality within the RTDI systems. Achieving not only progress towards more gender equality in RTDI, but that the progress also has been beneficial in RTDI through enhanced scientific outputs and productivity, and through a higher responsiveness to societal needs and challenges.

The ultimate aim of the EFFORTI project is to contribute to better gender equality policy across Europe by analysing a broad range of different policy measures with regard to their impacts on research, innovation and competitiveness, but also regarding the promotion of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The EFFORTI consortium consists of six partners, i.e. Aarhus University (Denmark), Fraunhofer Society (Germany), Joanneum Research (Austria), University of Catalunia (Spain), the Association of Hungarian Women in Science (Hungary) and Intrasoft International (Luxembourg).