Investigated sectors

We investigate five types of organizations where performance can be objectively measured: Secondary schools/high schools, tax sections, bank branches, primary schools and day-care centers. This case selection ensures that we can investigate both public and private organiza­tions and both welfare service provision and financial operations. While tax organizations and bank branches are focused on finances and have very similar employees and tasks, they differ in ownership (public/private). For welfare provision, we focus on education of children of all ages, and the ownership variation is between public and private schools and public and private daycare centers.



Private and/or public     

Responsible for this sector       

Bank branches


Niels Westergaard-Nielsen



Anne Bøllingtoft

Higher secondary schools 


Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen

Primary and lower secondary schools      

Public and private

Poul Aaes Nielsen

Day-care centres

Public and private

Ulrich Thy Jensen