Work Package 1

An essential precondition for the development of evidence on how to improve HEQ is a balanced and holistic understanding of how quality is conceptualized, competing and contextual criteria, cultures, and conditions for quality development and assessment in the Danish HE system.

In WP1, the project team is conducting a mapping of quality, quality development work and its determinants in close collaboration with a wide array of stakeholders, across the entire higher education sector. 

The sub-projects in WP1 consist of a systematic literature review and a number of document studies of various policies and reports concerning quality. 

The central part of the work in WP1, however, consists of a Delphi survey, combined with focus group interviews. A large panel of experts are surveyed on their views on educational quality, quality developing initiatives and factors influencing quality. Focus groups will then be formed from the panelists to discuss quality-related issues. The pool of panelists will be revisited later in the project with a second questionnaire for their assessment of project results.