New book on intangible assets and productivity

New book explores the role of intangible assets for productivity from a multi-level perspective

Arguably the role and importance of intangibles for the economy and for the effectiveness of policy have changed dramatically over time, most notably over the last two decades. The nature of intangibles continues to pose a number of challenges for how we measure investments and factors of production, for analysis of the drivers of innovation and productivity, and for policy that seeks to foster knowledge creation, innovation and economic growth, and increasingly also to address key societal challenges.

The purpose of “Intangible Assets, Productivity and Economic Growth - Micro, Meso and Macro Perspectives” is to explore new approaches to measuring intangibles and productivity and how these measures can be used to investigate key issues concerning the role of intangibles for productivity growth.

The book, edited by Carter Bloch, Aimilia Protogerou and Nicholas S. Vonortas, offers new insights on how to measure intangibles, how they contribute to productivity growth, and how policy can help foster intangibles investments and growth.

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