Service Innovation in the Nordic Countries - Key Factors for Policy Design (ServINNo)

There has been a growing recognition in recent years of the importance of innovation and growth in service sectors. Despite this acknowledgement, our understanding of innovation and, importantly, the design of innovation policy measures, are still primarily based on the analysis of manufacturing firms. There is thus a need for more knowledge about the particularity of innovation activities in services.

This project will explore innovation processes in Nordic service firms and their policy implications, with the aim of increasing understanding of service innovation and identifying relevant policy measures to public authorities and service firms. In order to study the patterns of innovation in each service sector, the main drivers of innovation, and the diversity within each sector, the project will develop and apply a typology of service activities and innovation. This analysis and typology can then be used as policy tools to evaluate current policy measures in Nordic countries.

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The ServINNo project is funded by the Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe).

Project participants, CFA:
Assistant professor Carter Bloch
Head of research Ebbe Krogh Graversen

Service Innovation in the Nordic Countries: Key Factors for Policy Design. Final Report
Drafted by Carter Bloch. With contributions from Elva Aðalsteinsdóttir, Per-Olof Brehmer, Jesper L. Christensen, Ina Drejer, Katja Hydle, Morten Berg Jensen, Jari Kuusisto, Ragnhild Kvålshaugen and Anker Lund Vinding

Mapping Service Innovation Policy in the Nordic Countries
by Jari Kuusisto

Service Innovation in the Nordic countries: An analysis using CIS4 data
by Carter Bloch

Blurring boundaries between manufacturing and services
by Jesper L. Christensen and Ina Drejer

High performance work practices and innovation in the manufacturing and service sector
by Morten Berg Jensen and Anker Lund Vinding

Towards a taxonomy for Business Service Innovation - Literature Review
by Ragnhild Kvålshaugen, Katja Maria Hydle and Carter Bloch

Taxonomy for Business Service Innovation
by Ragnhild Kvålshaugen, Katja Maria Hydle and Per-Olof Brehmer

Mapping studies of service innovation policy for individual Nordic countries:
Mapping Innovation Policy in Services – Country Report Denmark
by C. Bloch and K. Aagaard

Mapping Innovation Policy in Services – Country Report Finland
by J. Kuusisto and S. Kotala

Service innovation policy measures in Iceland
by E. Aðalsteinsdóttir

Mapping Innovation Policy in Services – Country Report Norway

Innovation Policy Project in Services – Mapping Study of Sweden
by Eklund, U., Johannesson, C., Wiik, H. and Johansson, A.