The aim of the project is to provide a detailed mapping and improved contextualised understandings of the current state of research practices and integrity in Denmark, and subsequently to utilize the acquired knowledge to support efforts to strengthen integrity such as the recent Danish Code of Conduct.

Questionable research practices (QRP) will be in focus.

The project will identify and characterise different QRPs across all major research fields and will examine potential mechanisms behind such QRPs, e.g. various kinds of incentives.Integrity in Danish research cannot be examined in isolation; the project will therefore frame the Danish case in an international setting.

To accomplish this, the project consists of three inter-related work packages:

  1. We first elucidate the current knowledge base in relation to integrity and QPRs
  2. Subsequently a large scale comparative international survey is performed where perceptions, prevalence and potential causes of QRP are examined
  3. Finally survey results are supplemented and contrasted by scrutinizing scientific publications for markers of QRPs using `meta-research´ analyses

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