Policy relevant Nordic innovation indicators (NIND)

Objective of project

The objective is to identify and present the most relevant indicators for innovation policy and how these indicators can be interpreted and used in policy design. An important aspect of this is a better understanding of the relationship between innovation indicators and economic growth and increased long term, sustainable welfare.

Project platform

There is a lack of analysis from the Nordic point of view with respect to certain indicators on the knowledge economy such as innovation, intellectual property rights, R&D and human resources. The strengths and weaknesses of various indicators are not always explained clearly enough. The policy makers need more guidance to choose the right indicators to address a specific issue.

There is also a need for understanding that R&D and innovation - although important for economic growth - are not the sole - or even the main factors influencing economic performance. The project wants to contribute to a understanding of the process of growth as a basis for wholistic, systemic innovation policies as a natural progression from a bit narrow and biased "high-tech" focus that has traditionally has characterized Nordic and European innovation policies. 



Development and Analysis of Innovation Indicators in the Nordic Countries based on CIS-surveys
Bloch, C., P. S. Mortensen, Frank Foyn and Øyvind Vormeland Salte. October 2007.

Intellectual Property Rights as indicators for innovation PART ONE: International patent databases
Mortensen, P. S. December 2007.

Project partners

  • Statistics Finland
  • VTTStatistics Sweden
  • IKED
  • Statistics NorwayNIFU STEP
  • Statistics Denmark
  • The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy
  • Rannis

Contact persons
Assistant professor Carter Bloch
Head of department Peter S. Mortensen