New Research Project: Villum Experiment

CFA has been awarded a grant from the Villum Foundation to study the effects of a relatively new and novel grant form, Villum Experiment, that seeks to promote unorthodox and innovative research projects.

Among the key features of the funding instrument, Villum Experiment, which was first awarded in 2017, are that applications are assessed through a blind review process where reviewers do not know the identity of applicants, that reviewers assess the applications independently of each other, and also have the option of choosing one application for support, regardless of scores by other reviewers (“golden ticket”).

The study will focus on what types of research the applicants applied for, who received the grants, how the research was carried out, and the results of the research.     

“This is a unique opportunity, we are not only allowed to study an otherwise often very closed review process, but also an extremely interesting funding scheme and its potential effects” says Professor Jesper W. Schneider who will lead the project team.

Read the full project description here

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