New Research Project: PROSECON

Carter Bloch, Professor and Centre Director at CFA, has been awarded 10 million DKK to study the design of public and private research funding programmes, in order to increase the socio-economic impact of research. The name of the project is PROSECON: Promoting the socio-economic impact of research – the role of funding practices.

Despite growing emphasis on the generation of socio-economic impact of public research, our understanding of how research funders seek to stimulate socio-economic impact, and how different funding approaches influence the nature of the research is limited. Given that funding systems are central in defining the scope, content and direction of public research, a detailed understanding of this factor is vital. 

“We currently know very little about which specific management instruments within research funding have the optimum effect in practice. Given the substantial resources allocated to funding research, improving the understanding of the actual effect of funding mechanisms is very important in optimizing the returns from both public and private investment in research,” says Carter Bloch.


The project will be led by Carter Bloch and Kaare Aagaard and includes participants from CFA, INGENIO at the University of Valencia, and the University of Wuppertal.

See full project description here