New research project: Mission Leadership

A new research project on leadership and management in societally oriented research centers

It takes good leadership and management to succeed in creating solid and relevant knowledge for the benefit of society. CFA and the King Frederik Center for Public Leadership have just received a grant of DKK 4.6 million to investigate leadership in mission-oriented centers that seek to address a societal challenge. Over the next five years, the project will investigate the role of leadership and management in mission-oriented centers.

From CFA, Center Director and Professor Carter Bloch is participating together with Associate Professor Lise Degn and research assistants Anna Vigsø Pedersen and Christina Løth Andersen. From the Leadership Center, Assistant Professor Emily Tanggaard and Professor Lotte Bøgh Andersen will participate.

The project is funded by the Center for Childhood Health. Their mission is to help reduce the prevalence of child obesity and increase the well-being of children in Denmark, which requires solid and relevant knowledge about how to succeed in mission-oriented research centers. Research is mission-oriented when it is based on a societal problem and contributes to knowledge that brings us closer to solutions and thus the realization of important goals in the field. 

The research project will run from March 1, 2024 to February 28, 2029.

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