CFA Evaluation of Innovation Centre Denmark

The Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA) has conducted an analysis of the activities and effects of Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK)

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) is a cooperation between the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark with seven centres located in different parts of the world. The ICDK centres can be seen as innovation intermediaries that support innovation either directly by strengthening companies’ innovation activities or indirectly by strengthening national, regional or sector-specific innovation capacities.

CFA has conducted a study on behalf of the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science to examine how the innovation centres work and how their activities can be measured. Based on in-depth interviews with innovation centre representatives, the study seeks to build a value-creation model that captures ICDK’s innovation activities and how they seek to create value through innovative partnerships. A key feature that is common to each of the innovation centres is a focus on maintaining contact with individual customers from initial preparations to participation in network activities to follow-up efforts to form concrete partnerships with international contacts. The report further proposes a number of recommendations on how data used for effect measurement can be continuously generated and on useful data sources, indicators and reporting templates.

Read the full report (in Danish) here.