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Researchers now reveal that satisfaction measurements should not necessarily be seen as indications of an organisation’s quality, and that organisations should therefore be careful when making decisions based on the results. Photo: Jesper Rais, AU

2016.02.04 | Reseach news

Can we trust satisfaction measurements?

Satisfaction measurements may provide a misleading image of the quality of public institutions. Research from Aarhus BSS shows that caution is necessary when decisions influencing the life of citizens are made on the…

2016.01.25 | Reseach news

Solo terrorism: Why and what to do about is

Lasse Lindekilde, an associate professor of political science, throws light on why lone terrorists act the way they do. The explanation may surprise you.

The researchers aim to explore how changes in the composition of revenue providers affect bargaining over the state funds and how they are spent. They want to explore in detail who the main revenue providers are and what these providers want in return. Photo: Colourbox

2016.01.14 | Reseach news

DKK 7.28 million to explore the correlation between tax contributions and political priorities in Africa

Together with researchers from Uganda and Tanzania, researchers from Aarhus BSS aim to explore how the political priorities in Africa are affected by changes in the tax contributions of different groups. The project,…

The dataset is now freely accessible on the project website

2016.01.08 | Reseach news

A milestone for democracy research

The new groundbreaking Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) dataset can help us understand the state of democracy and what it takes to develop and maintain it.



2015.08.21 | New Books

New book: Perspectives on Politics, Production and Public Administration in Africa

In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, politics is decisive for change, but poorly understood, sometimes neglected and often depicted using rigid models. The new book 'Perspectives on Politics, Production and Public…

2015.07.27 | New Books

New book: The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy

Åsne Kalland Aarstad, Knud Erik Jørgensen and other experts on European foreign policy have edited The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy - a two-volume set with 71 chapters.


Thu 11 Feb
16:15-17:30 | 1324-025 (Tvillingeauditorierne)
Mobilizing American support for the Iraq war: Political leaders, the news media, and public opinion
How will democracy suffer if the newspaper dies? In this lecture, Leonie Huddy, professor of political science, explores the crucial role of the traditional newspaper in shaping modern democracy and public opinion.
Thu 11 Feb
16:15-18:00 | Aarhus, Denmark
Democracy in Latin America - success or failure?
IP-NU event February 11, 2016 16:15-18:00 in Aud. A I (1333-101)
Mon 15 Feb
09:00-16:00 | AIAS, building 1632, room 201
Paris – Copenhagen – Paris: Countering Radicalization and terrorism one year after the Copenhagen Shootings
Who radicalizes, and how, why and where? The conference adresses these questions and counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism practices with focus on the complex interplay of local, national and European policies.
Wed 22 Jun
09:00-18:00 | Aarhus Universwity
The Public Management Research Conference 2016
The PMRC 2016 will be hosted on 22-24 June by the department of Political Science at Aarhus University for the Public Management Research Association (PMRA). The keywords of the conference are Public Management; Public Administration and Organizational Performance....


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