Department of Political Science and Government

Department of
Political Science and Government 


Political parties are in general both strategic and opportunistic. They adapt to their surroundings, even when it runs counter to their original party ideologies. Photo: Colourbox

2014.06.30 | Society and politics

The Liberal Party’s success is a result of its centrist strategy

According to new research, the success of the Liberal Party in the early 2000s was due to the fact that they succeeded in stealing issue ownership over welfare from the Social Democrats. They were able to do so by…

Carsten Jensen was named Lecturer of the Year at BSS. Photo: AU Communikation/Jesper Rais
Svend-Erik Skaaning receives the BSS Research Award. Photo: AU Communikation/Jesper Rais

2014.07.01 | Awards

Two political scientists receive annual BSS awards

At BSS’ annual Faculty Celebration last Friday, Svend-Erik Skaaning and Carsten Jensen received the awards for researcher and lecturer of the year.

[Translate to English:] Carsten Jensen er en af de tre bevillingsmodtagere fra Institut for Statskundskab. Foto: Jesper Rais, AU Kommunikation

2014.06.20 | Awards

Political scientists receive almost DKK 10 million for new research

Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen, Carsten Jensen and Derek Beach have received a total of almost DKK 10 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research - Social Sciences (FSE).


2014.06.19 | New Books

New book: The Right and the Welfare State

Carsten Jensen studies the welfare state policies of conservative and liberal governments. He shows that the policy goals of the Right are a lot less straightforward than simply "pro" or "con" the welfare state.

2014.06.12 | New Books

New book: The Rule of Law: Definitions, Measures, Patterns, and Causes

In this book Jørgen Møller and Svend-Erik Skaaning provide a thorough overview and critical discussion of conceptions and measures of the rule of law.


Fri 22 Aug
14:15-16:00 | Merete Barker Aud.
Ph.d.-defence: What are the key challenges to university managers and their sense of identity in the face of changing circumstances and how does the framework of the dissertation contribute to our understanding of these challenges a
Lise Degn will defend her PhD dissertation
Thu 28 Aug
09:00-16:00 | Further details to be added later
Conference on Evidence on Schooling and Wellbeing
Deadline for papers March 14. We especially invite papers that answer questions about what works in school provision or what works for school-aged children more broadly.

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