Morten Valbjørn

Associate Professor
PhD (Political Science)
MSc (Political Science)
Supplementary Degree in Middle East Studies

Contact information

Department of Political Science
Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 7
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark


On the research project SWAR: Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts see

On the research project TOI: Bringing in the Other Islamists, see

Professional interests

  • The role of cultural diversity and otherness in international relations and the implications for the IR-discipline.
  • Global IR/Middle East Studies
  • The International Relations Theory/Area Studies-nexus in different Cultural-Institutional Contexts
  • Challenges to the study of politics in an (un)exceptional Middle East
  • Middle Eastern Islamism(s) before and after the Arab Revolts
  • Sectarian Politics before, during and after the Arab Revolts
  • Identity politics in (the study of) the modern Middle East
  • The transformation of Arab nationalism(s)
  • Regional Cold Wars and Proxy Warfare
  • (New) English School Theory at the regional level and post-positivist IR Theory.
  • Authoritarian resilience and democratization in a 'new Middle East'