Career planning

This section will provide career planning advice for female researchers at Aarhus University. This includes information about relevant courses and workshops, mentoring and career-training programmes, maternity leave rules, rules for the evaluation of productivity, access to decision-making bodies, and employee performance interviews, as well as ongoing updates on available job opportunities at Aarhus University.

Are you a researcher who would like to travel abroad?

The EURAXESS Denmark portal provides online information and assistance for mobile researchers. The portal contains practical information on jobs and funding opportunities and on administrative procedures that affect researchers and their families when moving to a foreign country.

Read more about EURAXESS:

Salary Agreement Catalogues

By following the links below you can see the salary agreement catalogues for the four main academic areas at Aarhus University:

A new Staff Development Dialogue concept (SDD) for 2013

Soon a joint concept for Staff Development Dialogue (SDD) will be introduced at Aarhus University. Read more about the new concept at the link below here.

Research Management Training

The HR department at Aarhus University offers research management training for research managers at the university. Read more here (link in Danish).

Continuing and further education

Aarhus University offers a range of continuing and further education. Read more at the link below: (link in Danish).

The HR department at Aarhus University offers courses that are open to all staff members at the university. Learn more here:

Centre for Teaching and Learning  (CUL)

CUL is part of the main academic area at Aarhus BSS. CUL offers courses to different groups of lecturers at Aarhus BSS. Read about CUL at the link below: (link in Danish).

Take-away food at Aarhus University - Enabling Researchers to Balance Career and Family Life

It is often challenging to combine a busy research career and family life. In order to ease this conflict, a catering company offers take-away food at Aarhus University (in Danish only).
Read more at: (link in Danish only).