Miriam Madsen


Associate Professor, Assistant Professor in the Administration of Public Education

Primary affiliation

Miriam Madsen

Areas of expertise

  • Education Studies
  • Public Administration of Education
  • Economics of Education
  • Governance
  • Education

Contact information

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Miriam Madsen is doing research on the quantification of education, focusing on how quantification processes in the governance and administration of education contributes to the development of educational thinking and design. Her research area is higher education, and the research objects are performance measurements, graduate surveys, statistics, budgets, accounts, economic forecasts, algorithms and so forth used in Danish (and to some extent British) universities, as well as Danish higher education policy and governance.

Teaching activities

Miriam Madsen conducts teaching in Evaluation and Measurement at the master's program in Education Science. She is furthermore the head of department for Department of Education Studies and thus responsible for the department's bachelor and master's program.

Selected publications

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