Lene Aarøe



Primary affiliation

Lene Aarøe

Areas of expertise

  • Political psychology
  • Political communication
  • Public opinion
  • emotions in attitude formation
  • Experiments

Contact information

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My research is situated in the field of political psychology. I study how psychological dispositions shape citizens' attitudes and reactions to political communication, with important implications for key democratic challenges such as political polarization, attitude gaps, misperceptions, and inequality in modern democracies.

My research is interdisciplinary and combines insights og metoder from political science, psychology, biology, neuroscience and communication research. 



I lead the research project 'Exemplar Democracy: Psychological Biases and the Impact of Exemplars on Factual Perceptions and Attributions of Government Responsibility,' which is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

In the academic year 2023-2024, I am an AIAS-SHAPE fellow at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies.

I am participating in the research project 'Understanding (mis)perceptions of economic inequality as a way to reduce it,' which is funded by an AUFF Nova grant.

Selected publications

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