Lei Fan


Postdoc, Ph.D.

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Lei Fan

Areas of expertise

  • Political Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • Pathogen Psychology
  • Intergroup Interaction Studies

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Lei Fan is a postdoc at CEPDISC working with Dr. Lotte Thomsen. Lei holds a PhD in Social Psychology from the Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He earned his MSc in Basic Psychology from Southwest University (China) and his BA in Applied Psychology from Chongqing University (China).



Lei is investigating the psychological processes underpin transgressions and punishments, social norm changes, power, morality and moral emotions, and discrimination. He has a particular interest in the evolution of social norms and their influence on individual and collective behaviors, with an emphasis on discrimination and threat coping. In addition to his research, Lei is dedicated to multi-method interdisciplinary approaches, and is also an active member of Open Science societies.

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