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Areas of expertise

  • Urban Economics
  • Economics of Education
  • Labour Economics
  • Economics of Migration
  • Public Economics

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Anna's research interests concern the role of social networks and local public resources for individual outcomes and integration of immigrants into the host-country. She uses quasi-experimental methods to establish cause-and-effect relations. She has published articles on these topics in top journals in Economics, including American Economic Review and Review of Economic Studies, and in top field journals in Economics, including Journal of Labor Economics and Journal of Urban Economics

Teaching activities

I teach courses that provide students with a strong theoretical and empirical foundation for economic analysis of real estate markets and public regulations that affect real estate markets and living conditions. I am course responsible for the graduate course Housing Economics and Policy and undergraduate course Real Estate Economics. Moreover, I supervise students at all levels, including PhD, on topics in Urban Economics, Economics of Migration, Education Economics and Labor Economics.


Anna is research fellow at TrygFonden’s Centre for Child Research, Aarhus University. She is external research fellow at CReAM, IZA, GLO and the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit.

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Selected activities

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