International Conference on Global Dynamics of Social Policy, University of Bremen.

25-26 October 2018

“External influence and (shifting) elite commitment to social protection in Tanzania”.

Marianne Ulriksen, paper presentation.

ECPR General Conference at the University of Hamburg

 22-24 Aug 2018.

 Jamal Msami paper presentation.    

IPSA World Congress in Brisbane

August, 2018.

Anne Mette Kjær Paper presentation

Unlike Twins. Comparative Politics conference at the University of Tubingen

March 15-16 2017.

See Panel 7 at:
Ane Karoline Foged, Rachel Beach, Marianne Ulriksen and Anne Mette Kjær paper presentations.

American African Studies Association annual meeting in Chicago

Panel: Changing revenue bargaining dynamics in Sub-Sahara Africa

18 November 2017 - 10:30 AM

Anne Mette Kjær, Aarhus University
A Spate of Tax Reform in Tanzania: Testing the Political Settlement Theory

Marianne Ulriksen, University of Southern Denmark and Lucas Katera, Policy Research for Development, REPOA
Changing Dynamics of Local Revenue Bargaining

Lucas Katera, Policy Research for Development, REPOA and Anne Mette Kjær, Aarhus University
Tax Bargains in Poorly Regulated Natural Resource Rich Countries: Comparing Lobbying Games by Domestic and Foreign Companies in Tanzania

Lise Rakner, University of Bergen and Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)
Taking the Revenue Actor's Perspective - Strategies of Revenue Bargaining

Rachel Beach, Aarhus University

Ole Therkildsen, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)

ECPR’s Joint Sessions of Workshops in Nicosia, Cyprus

 April 2018

PSRB-Africa Workshop in Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Workshop in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, in August 2017

21-26 August 2017

The purpose of the workshop is to present and discuss full paper drafts, to comment and discuss the papers, to revise and write more, and finally to develop the projects further.

PSRB-Africa Workshop in Entebbe, Uganda

25-27 January 2017

The purpose of the workshop is to present work in progress, to develop and discuss our common approach and framework, and to discuss methodologies and future steps.

Project Launch Workshop in Aarhus

22-26 August 2016  

The purpose of the workshop is basically to get the research going, to discuss the collaborative research, and to present and develop ideas together. The main goal is to find a common platform that we can all contribute to.