2015.09.07 | People

25,000 DKK travel grant for political science student

Political science student Lasse Egendal Leipziger has received Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II's travel grant. The award of DKK 25,000 is intended to enable the award winners to spend a study period abroad in connection with their studies at Aarhus University.

2015.09.01 | Awards

Best paper award for Louise Ladegaard

Louise Ladegaard received a best paper award for young researchers at the EGPA conference in Toulouse.

2015.08.31 | Research news

Can a legal donor market improve the alarming organ shortage?

Can I buy your kidney? This was the question posed by assistant professor Andreas Albertsen at the Aarhus-seminar Friday 21 August where he gave a talk on the ethical implications of organ trafficking.

2015.08.31 | Research news

The African development debate - a 2015 status update

What does it take for development processes to succeed in the poorest countries of the world? At the Aarhus-seminar at the Department of Political Science on Friday 21 August, Anne Mette Kjær attempted to provide the alumni with an answer to what might be one of the world’s most difficult questions.


2015.08.21 | New Books

New book: Perspectives on Politics, Production and Public Administration in Africa

In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, politics is decisive for change, but poorly understood, sometimes neglected and often depicted using rigid models. The new book 'Perspectives on Politics, Production and Public Administration in Africa: Essays in Honour of Ole Therkildsen' seeks to dig below the surface and do justice to the complexity of the…

2015.07.27 | New Books

New book: The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy

Åsne Kalland Aarstad, Knud Erik Jørgensen and other experts on European foreign policy have edited The SAGE Handbook of European Foreign Policy - a two-volume set with 71 chapters.

2015.06.24 | People

Sapere Aude grant for Helene Helboe Pedersen for project on personalisation of politics

Associate Professor Helene Helboe Pedersen gets the chance to set her own research agenda with a Sapere Aude grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research. She will be examining the behaviour of politicians during the last 40 years.

2015.06.19 | Awards

Jørgen Elklit wins extraordinary research communication award

At the annual School Celebration on 19 June, Jørgen Elklit was presented with the extraordinary Aarhus BSS Research Communication Award in recognition of his work as election advisor around the world.

2015.06.19 | Awards

Political science professor is researcher of the year at Aarhus BSS

Professor of political science Jørgen Møller can add yet another award to his resume. At the annual School Celebration at Aarhus BSS on Friday, he was presented with the annual research award.

2015.06.19 | Awards

Award for Master’s thesis on how Danish companies operate in a corrupt world

For Danish export companies based in Asia there are a lot of cultural differences to be aware of and many aspects that require attention. In her Master’s thesis, MSc in Political Science Anna Bundgaard has examined how Danish companies prevent corruption. She has been awarded the Danish Export Association’s Graduation Award for her work.

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