2016.01.25 | Research news

Solo terrorism: Why and what to do about is

Lasse Lindekilde, an associate professor of political science, throws light on why lone terrorists act the way they do. The explanation may surprise you.

The researchers aim to explore how changes in the composition of revenue providers affect bargaining over the state funds and how they are spent. They want to explore in detail who the main revenue providers are and what these providers want in return. Photo: Colourbox

2016.01.14 | Research news

DKK 7.28 million to explore the correlation between tax contributions and political priorities in Africa

Together with researchers from Uganda and Tanzania, researchers from Aarhus BSS aim to explore how the political priorities in Africa are affected by changes in the tax contributions of different groups. The project, which focuses specifically on Uganda and Tanzania, is supported by Danida.

The dataset is now freely accessible on the project website

2016.01.08 | Research news

A milestone for democracy research

The new groundbreaking Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) dataset can help us understand the state of democracy and what it takes to develop and maintain it.

“The EU needs to realise that peace is very far off. The solutions put forward by the EU are not working. It’s been 20 years since the Oslo Accords, and this must be seen as proof that the scenario of a two-state solution reached through negotiations is not working,” Bruno Oliveira Martins says.

2015.12.11 | Research news

How to move forward in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Bruno Oliveira Martins and five international research colleagues have joined up to find alternative solutions to the future relationship between Israel and Palestine. They point out limitations and obstacles for a peaceful solution in the current situation and look at possible new steps towards solving the long-lasting conflict between the two…

"How best to integrate children in schools is the topic of many a political debate, but the foundation of the discussion is flimsy. With our research, we hope to add a more solid foundation to the debate,” says Per Mouritsen.

2015.12.17 | Research news

Where do schools most successfully integrate children of immigrants - in Denmark or in Sweden?

Researchers from Aarhus BSS have received DKK 6.2 million from the Rockwool Foundation to explore how schools succeed in getting children of immigrants to thrive and grow up to be civic-minded and active citizens. No less than 6.000 children and adolescents in Denmark and Sweden are participating in the study.

2015.12.11 | Knowledge exchange

A business leader must ensure that employees do what they do best

Political science alumnus Kim Møller-Nielsen is named Young Business Leader of the Year. We spoke to him about what it takes to be a good leader.

2015.11.28 | Research news

Republicans Prefer Politicians with Deep Voices

A deep voice and a square jaw are important assets for conservative politicians. For politicians on the liberal side, it’s more important to have gentle features. That’s the conclusion of two recent scientific articles from Aarhus University. The implication is not only that physical features have a larger impact on voter preferences than…

2015.11.26 | Public/media

Justice and home affairs opt-out: Danes in doubt

Derek Beach, associate professor of political science, talks about the doubts felt by Danish voters as they try to make up their minds about the upcoming referendum on the EU justice opt-out.

Lasse Lindekilde will be PI of the radicalization and counter-radicalization project.

2015.11.18 | People

3.1 million from AUFF for Lasse Lindekilde

Associate professor Lasse Lindekilde has received 3.1 million from Aarhus University's Research Foundation. The Lektor Starting Grant is given to his radicalization and counter-radicalization project. Also Preben Bertelsen from Department of Psychlogy and Behavioural Science is part of the project.

2015.11.17 | Public/media

Experts on terrorism

As a consequence of the weekend's terror attacks in Paris we have listed our experts on terrorism.

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