Getting to - and around Aarhus

To Aarhus By air:

Travelling to/from Aarhus airport

The Aarhus airport Tirstrup is located 40 km north of the city and offers direct international flights on a limited scale.

There is an airport shuttle bus from Aarhus airport with frequent departures (every 20 minutes after each flight arrival with departures from just outside the main entrance). It takes about 50 minutes to reach downtown Aarhus. The bus stops at Aarhus University campus (at Nobelparken).

Travelling to/from Billund airport

Billund airport is located 100 km south of Arhus and has direct international flight connections to many European destinations.

There is an airport shuttle bus between Aarhus and Billund airport with several daily departures. The travel time from Billund Airport to downtown Aarhus is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by bus. Tickets are sold on the bus.

Travelling to/from Copenhagen airport Kastrup

For connecting trains to Aarhus, please visit DSB Denmark. Copenhagen airport is connected to Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup with many daily departures. The flight takes 35 minutes. However we reccommend that you take the train or a bus from Copenhagen to Aarhus rather that flying to Billund.

please visit the websites for the airports to know more about departures, arrivals and transport possibilities.

To Aarhus by train

Aarhus lies at one of the most important railway junctions in Denmark. There are hourly departures to the north, south and west. From Southern and Central Europe, the connections are via Hamburg/Flensburg. Travel time from Hamburg to Aarhus is approximately five hours. From Eastern European countries train connections to Aarhus go via Poland and Copenhagen. Aarhus has hourly services to and from Copenhagen.

Please visit DSB or DSB Journey planner to find all your connection route options.

Trains bound for Aarhus railway station leave Copenhagen Airport hourly.

To Aarhus by car

Aarhus has direct connections to the great European network of motorways, making it easy to get to most European cities. Hamburg can be reached within roughly four hours. There are also excellent roads to most places in Denmark.

Getting around in Aarhus

In Aarhus we say that everything is within walking distance and when you arrive to the city it is obvious to see why. If you arrive at the train station it is only a few minutes’ walk before arriving at your hotel or conference venue. From here, within minutes, you have the opportunity to experience a vibrant city life with restaurants, shopping, museums and cultural experiences - just waiting for you to explore.


By walking:
The entire city is clean, compact and well-organised, which makes walking an excellent and enjoyable way to get around. To walk from the centre of the city to the university takes approximately 30 minutes.


By taxi:
To book a taxi, please call this telephone number (+45) 8948 4848 or ask your hotel receptionist. There is also a taxi stand right outside the main exit of the train station and conveniently located taxi stands all over the city.


By bus:
Midttrafik, the municipal bus company, runs the yellow buses in the city. The bus route number is indicated at the front and the back of the bus and the destination is displayed at the front and above the rear door. Aarhus is the only city in Denmark where passengers enter through the back door and exit through the front. Every bus is equipped with a ticket machine and a validation machine at the back of the bus. You can purchase single and multi-ride tickets.


Bus tickets for travel within the city limits (Municipality of Aarhus limits) cost 22 DKK. Ten-ride tickets are also available which vary in price depending on how far you want to go. Please check the Midttrafik website for more information on busses and city links.


By Letbanen:
Getting around in Aarhus is also easy with Denmark’s first light rail, Letbanen, operated by the company Midttrafik. Stops are located throughout Aarhus, making it easy to experience the city. The area around the Central Station and Dokk1 is the main junction point. Tickets for travel within the city limits (Municipality of Aarhus limits) cost 22 DKK. Remember to buy your ticket before entering Letbanen because you cannot buy tickets in the light rail train.

By bike:
Denmark is an ideal country for cycling. There are not many (very) steep hills and there are many safe cycling paths. Urban conditions for cyclists are one of the best in the world and constantly being improved. Look out for the special cyclists’ routes (cykelruter) and cycle paths (cykelstier).
Rent a bike


Free transport with AarhusCARD:
If you consider experiencing some of the many recommended museums, attractions and activities while staying in Aarhus, an AarhusCARD may be an affordable solution. Besides giving you free admission to more than 25 museums, attractions and activities in and around Aarhus and discount on shopping, AarhusCARD also gives you free transport by the light rail, Letbanen, and busses all over Aarhus and the entire Central Denmark Region – including the airport shuttle to Billund and Aarhus Airport.
Read more about the AarhusCARD here.