TOI Events

Conferences, Workshops, Panels and Seminars organized as part of the TOI Project


TOI Workshop 'The 2021 Iraqi Parliamentary Elections'

Place: virtual
Date: October 13 2021
Speakers: Toby Dodge, Renad Mansour, Fanar Haddad, Benedict Robin-D’Cruz

TOI Workshop 'When Islamists Kill Islamists: Islamist fratricide in civil wars'

Place: virtual
Date: February 25 2021
Speakers: Inna Rudolf, Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Jérome Drevon. 

TOI-POMEPS workshop on "Changing Warscapes, Changing Islamists? Religion, Organization, Strategic Context and New Approaches to Jihadist Insurgencies 

Place: virtual
Date: January 6-7 2021
Speakers: Leonora Ardemagni, Jeroen Gunning, Mohammed Hafez, Thomas Hegghammer Stathis Kalyvas, Dino Krause, Raphael Lefevre, Brynjar Lia, Marc Lynch, Assaf Moghadam, Afshon Ostovar, Inna Rudolf, Younes Saramafir, Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Mona Sheikh, Isak Svensson, Ora Szekely, Morten Valbjørn, Lianne Vostermans, Joas Wagemakers

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TOI-TJ-RJC Workshop on (Shia and Sunni) Jihadism
Place: virtual
Date: November 5 2020
Speakers: Mona Sheikh, Saer El-Jaichi; Dino Krause; Telli Betül Karacan; Isak Svennson, Jeoren Gunning and Morten Valbjørn


TOI Guest talk on ‘The Conflict in Libya, Proxy Wars and Madkhali-Salafis’ /Jalel Harchaoui
Place: Aarhus University.
Date: November 29 2019
Speakers: Jalel Harchaoui (The Hague’s Clingendael Institute)

ICSRU/TOI Workshop on the TOI project
Place: Arab Islamic Studies, Aarhus University.
Date: October 28 2019
Speakers: Morten Valbjørn (Aarhus University), 
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TOI Guest talk on the Transformation of the Islamist scene in Iraq and th Gulf /Cortney Freer (LSE) and Fanar Haddad (NUS)
Place: Department of Political Science, Aarhus University.
Date: October 22 2019
Speakers: Cortney Freer (LSE) and Fanar Haddad (NUS) 

TOI Kick-off Research Workshop.
Place: Department of Political Science, Aarhus University.
Date: October 21 2019
Speakers: Morten Valbjørn (Aarhus University), Jeroen Gunning (KCL), Cortney Freer (LSE), Raphael Lefevre (Oxford U), Fanar Haddad (NUS), Toby Matthiesen (Oxford U).